”The Will To Get There” by Dave Vanags

“The will to get there” – at the beginning of the 60’S JFK who had committed to putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade asked a leading rocket scientist what would be required to put a man on the moon before this decade was out?

He was likely expecting a reply that we needed this much money or this technology but his answer was simple…“The will to get there” and that is the answer to all of the challenges in the world today. As long as we have the will to get there we will.

We have seen so many things achieved because we had the will to get there. We could solve world hunger, poverty and homelessness if the world simply had a will to get there. We could bring people together instead of dividing them for political gain if we simply had the will to get there.

And that is what I love about the Vanags Family & friends Charity Night. A group of likeminded people coming together that dared to dream that “we will get there”. 13 events later and over $206,000 raised and you have all confirmed that “we will get there”

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