The “Bauble” Story

Why Baubles?

The Vanags Family and Friends Charity Night Christmas Baubles have become the must have item at each event.

Sharon McBride is a dear friend and keen supporter of the Vanags Family and Friends Charity Night, having supported the event from day one!

When we were organising our first event we sent out a call to all our friends & family to donate any items they could that we could auction off to help raise funds.

Sharon arrived on the night with 8 baubles beautifully decorated with ‘Vanags Family Charity Night 2001’ and the name of the charity we were raising funds for.

Sharon’s idea was to include them all into one hamper. However, on seeing them we recognised that we had something special, so decided we would auction each one individually.

The very first bauble auctioned went for $30. Fourteen years later they are averaging $800 each and have helped raise close to $30,000!

Oh and as to why there are 8 each year?

The first year Sharon bought them they came in a packet of 8!

Thank you Sharon for helping to make such a difference to so many people.