Our Proud Supporters

The Vanags Family & Friends Charity Night are so proud to announce that Styleness has generously agreed to come on board as our Platinum sponsor for our 2018 event.

Vanessa and Anthony Johnson have been proud and significant supporters of our event in the last few years, and share the same passion for making a difference in other people’s lives.  This makes them a perfect fit to be involved, this time on another level once again. Our event is based on Family and Friends and that will NEVER change. As we compete for donations and support in an ever increasing competitive charity environment, we need to bring on likeminded people and companies to help us all continue our passion for service.

The Styleness business was founded in 2014 and specialise in property styling and home improvement. Vanessa Johnson (Founder & Creative Director) works with people to enhance the overall look and feel of each property, presenting them at their best. It's about creating beautiful functional spaces that captivate a lifestyle for a potential buyer or homeowner to emotionally connect and fall in love with.

Vanessa brings over 12 years of knowledge and experience within the industry ensuring her personal understanding of just what goes into preparing homes to sell or to improve the look and feel of it to enjoy with each new day.

Along with husband Anthony Johnson, Styleness are very active in community fundraising and support. This is a business & people we are extremely proud to be associated with.

We are very excited to announce our Gold & Money Tree sponsor - Blue Wealth Property.

Dr Tony Hayek is the CEO and Founder of Blue Wealth Property. He has spent the past 15 years accruing a range of skills in the Australian property sectors, having experience as a property developer, business consultant, sales manager and research and acquisitions adviser. Tony holds a PhD in Organisational Psychology and is married to his gorgeous wife Toni with three beautiful children. Coming from a working class background and driving taxis on weekends to get him through university, he created his successful life through property and is passionate about teaching others how they can too. Tony's advice and recommendations are sought after by investors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, real estate agencies and developers. He regularly appears on Your Money, Your Call (Foxtel) and you may have also seen him on Sky Business News (Foxtel), Lateline (ABC) and 6.30 with George Negus (Channel 10). Tony’s opinions and articles are regularly published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review and specialist magazines for mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants and investors.

Tony has been a proud supporter of the Vanags Family & Friends Charity Night in recent years and his passion for helping others is self-evident. Being a former student of Marist Brothers High School (where Chad Robinson got his education) he is energised to promote this start up Foundation and continue the conversation around mental health and depression.

Thank you Tony & BLUEWEALTH PROPERTY. You represent what the essence of our night is all about.