”Change The World” by Dave Vanags

We have been overwhelmed with the response to the launch of the 2018 Vanags Family & Friends Charity Night. I wanted to reflect on what that means to us, along with the event and the movement you have all created going forward.

From the ashes of tragedy you have all helped build an event that says “we can make a difference and we can change the world”.
I am an avid reader and have followed many great teachers in my life. The one lesson that resonated with me is that “you can change the world by changing yourself”. This is so true on our journey together, because we simply gathered to help other people, and we sent a ripple out into the ocean of the world.

We had someone come to us a few years ago after one of our events and tell us they volunteered for an organisation. Another person told us today that the cause we are supporting this year struck a very personal chord with them and they are on board. That is simply how you change the world.

We all watch the evening news and become so frustrated about how complicated and sad the world is and you simply have two choices – you yell at the TV and do nothing, or you support a simple idea like the Vanags Family & Friends Charity Night, make a stand and say “WE CAN ALL DO BETTER”.

Thank you to all who have started, supported & encouraged this endeavour. Hold on tight as we are all about to make a HUGE impact in the area of mental illness with our 2018 event.

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