About Us

8.46am Tuesday September 11 2001.

A moment in time we will never forget, and we’ll all remember where we were…..

We were in New York City on our honeymoon.

15 plus years later we have been overwhelmed with the amazing positive spirit that has been generated through the Vanags Family and Friends Charity Night that was a reaction to that fateful event.

We brought a handful of family and friends together and started something very powerful. While the first event raised $800 (which seems small now), what was significant about that night is that we tapped into a powerful force – people helping people.

That is what this night has become about. We have supported all manner of charities and individuals but the underlying message has been giving to someone else – that is what this night now symbolises.

In the same way that the new Freedom tower in New York has risen from the ashes of that fateful day, the charity night has reminded us all that when we respond to hate with love we can change the world, and in doing so we can change the lives of many many people.

Warm blankets & care packs for the homeless, wheelchairs for the disabled, accommodation for women in desperate need of safety, camps for children that needed love, the stigma taken away from mental illness, awareness & support services for those that have experienced a heartbreaking pregnancy loss, music programs for children that are from abusive homes, medical equipment for severely disabled children, employment for the handicapped. This is what you have achieved since our beginning.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us to raising $216,080 so far.

We still have much work to do together.

Tanya & David Vanags