2018 Chosen Charity

It’s with the greatest honour, that we can announce we are supporting THE CHAD ROBINSON LEGACY FOUNDATION at the 14th Vanags Family & Friends Charity Night.

Chad Robinson was a 36 year old son, brother, friend and father of two children who took his own life in November 2016. Our mission is to bring awareness and change to the challenges of anxiety and depression. It is all too common in our society today, and we need to start talking about why it inflicts so many people and how we can come together to make a change in this ever increasing personal struggle that impacts people from all walks of life.  

Chad Robinson was an elite sportsperson. He was an accomplished NRL player who chased his childhood dream and enjoyed time and success with the Parramatta Eels and Sydney Roosters 1st Grade Teams. The unique circumstances of elite athletes makes them particularly vulnerable to mental illness, and while we all take great pride and “own” their accomplishments and cheer them on from the sideline, we need to extend that support after they come off the field.

Heartbroken in her grief, Chad’s sister Monique Brennan has recently set up the Foundation to ensure nobody has to go through the pain that they have felt as a family. Their plan is to build a support network that creates Chad’s legacy.

The long-term vision of the Foundation is to provide programs that support people struggling with anxiety and depression and to raise awareness of this all too common challenge we face collectively as a society.

In Chad’s memory their ultimate goal, will be to build a facility where people can attend and receive specialist treatment in the area that they need. Chad’s family know that these are the areas Chad had challenges in, and felt as though he could have been better supported in.

We are so proud to be able to help this new Foundation get off the ground, and engage you all in a very LOUD conversation about one of the biggest social issues this world faces today and ensure Chad’s passing was not in vain.

The Board Members : Trent Tavoletti (Financial Manager to numerous Athletes), Andy Deceils (one of Chad’s great friend’s and lawyer) Dr Tilda Khoshaba (partner in sports and well being International and Employment Relation specialist) Dr Louis Shidiak (current Parramatta Eels Club Doctor) and Lisa Walker (marketing and welfare) have the passion to help other people, and ensure they be looked after.